Pomp & Circumstance

April 27, 2013


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Kim & Glen

How could these NOT turn out fantastic.  These two are a blast.
We braved the wind, snow, and mostly  the cold to grab these awesome engagement shots!

There was a much needed coffee break! I mean it was COLD!

Serious? Not so much. Laughter abound!

“Canadian Gothic”


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A New Year

I had the completely amazing experience of spending this New Year’s holiday surrounded by quiet woods, cozy fires, and lots and lots of snow.  I couldn’t have asked for a more relaxing and contemplative beginning to my 2013. Conversations were had, careers and passions were debated, support was given, and all in all love was shared in great amounts.

It was amazing to see good friends, meet new people, break bread together, and spend time closing my eyes, breathing the crisp air, and generally not having any contact with the outside world.


Wood was gathered for the furnace, as the ice was checked for thickness, & long walks where had with our four-legged friends

Standing on a frozen lake, warmed by a bonfire, and watching flames shoot into the sky,
I can’t imagine a better way to start a new year in this adventure I call my life.




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Jones Family Outtakes!

I love to open up to really large aperture and see if I can grab a few shots while transitioning to the next location….

The Jones siblings, during portrait session in Toronto

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